Have you ever gone to PAX before? If so, then you might just be familiar with the Assassins Ball. This event/game has appeared at both PAX East and PAX Prime for the last few years. Most notably, it has continued to receive funding each time through Kickstarter.

Assassins Ball’s Phillip Brady always tries to keep the funding goal low, and that’s the case for Assassins Ball: Rise of Sorengard as well. With just a $600 goal, a handful of backers have proven they’re ready to rock with this game yet again at PAX Prime 2015.


Curious what the game actually entails? Basically, players all have a special “tag” on their clothes and are a part of different factions. Once an assassin spots another player, they can scan their card to confirm that “kill” — although no actual touching, force, or other assorted mean stuff is allowed! Some new features have even been added to the game so check out the Kickstarter if you’re interested in playing along at PAX Prime.

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