Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator definitely got us raising our eyebrows when it launched on Kickstarter, but hey, that didn’t mean it was too weird to succeed! By the end of the Kickstarter they had raised some $4,379 which was enough money to get their World War 2 tank-based visual novel going in June.


One month after their campaign, DEVGRU-P have posted their first backer update with new screenshots and a bit of description on the game’s progress thus far. So far, the first arc is completed. This section will soon be given out to backers as a demo once a few more character sprites are completed.


The developers also took this Panzermadels update to share word of a Patreon to continue funding of the game. Although it launched right after the Kickstarter completed, it doesn’t appear to have gotten much traction.

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