Although we don’t cover it nearly as often, we sometimes find excellent-looking game projects on Indiegogo. Icy was one such title with a post-apocalyptic flair that we spotted earlier this year. By the campaign’s conclusion, they had easily raised their goal and made nearly $8,000 in all.


Since then, they’ve updated backers on about a monthly basis to keep everyone updated about its progress. And now, unlike many crowdfunded titles, Icy has just launched on Steam a few months later! Can you survive in the freezing, post-apocalyptic wasteland with a small crew of people or will you fail to complete your journey? Well, you can just check out the game yourself to see.


During launch week Icy is available at 25% off, making it $9.74. The price will return to $12.99 on August 3. The game runs on Windows and Mac and does not yet include Steam fan favorite features such as Trading Cards or Achievements.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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