Ryan Green and Josh Lawson are still toiling away on the development of That Dragon, Cancer, a love letter to Ryan and Amy Green’s son, Joel, who passed away after fighting  cancer for 4 years.

The game is nearing completion as the developers target a Fall 2015 release date. The latest update for the campaign has noted that it is at a state where the game is almost completely playable from beginning to end. The next step for the developers will focus on polishing up the game, hampering out bugs and making sure it’s a quality experience for those who backed the title via Kickstarter.


You can read the full Kickstarter update here which goes into heavy detail about a bunch of technical related things I have no knowledge of. If you’re interested in learning more about how a game is developed, however, it’s worth a read.

There’s also a documentary about the game being made called, “Thank You For Playing”, which will have its first screenings in Cape Cod and Australia. The Cape Cod screening is actually occurring today, so there should be more information on that later on this week I’d imagine.

Upcoming Screenings of the documentary about our game, “Thank You For Playing”

Woods Hole Film Festival
Woods Hole, Cape Cod
July, 29, 2015

Melbourne International Film Festival
Melbourne, Australia
August 1 & 9, 2015

You can find ticket purchase information from the filmmakers at the following link:http://www.thankyouforplayingfilm.com/screenings/

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