What happens once a game has succeed on Kickstarter, made its way through development, and is just about ready to launch? Unfortunately, there’s not a super easy way to take all those backer email accounts and send each a copy (especially if you’re using some form of DRM and/or distributing download codes). Often, folks end up having to send emails one by one — sometimes running into spam filter issues along the way. It’s possible that this will now be a thing of the past if a new tool introduced by IndieGameStand becomes popular. Given what it offers, it seems very likely that developers will jump right in.


IndieGameStand is a digital distribution marketplace much like Steam. However, if you buy a game from there, you may receive a DRM-free version and Steam key (when multiple options are available). Now, with their new crowdfunding tool, a developer will just need to paste all their backer emails into a text field and IndieGameStand will handle all the hard work. The site will send emails to alert users they have a new game download/Steam code on the site. Users who don’t already have an account will have one automatically generated so they can quickly grab their keys and leave, if they so wish.


They’ve also implemented a pre-order widget similar to what Humble offers. It will allow users to buy with services such as Amazon, PayPal, or Stripe. Once available, the game will automatically drop into their account. Although the focus is Kickstarter, developers should be able to use this tool with IndieGogo or other crowdfunding services as well.

To learn more about IndieGameStand’s new Kickstarter tool be sure to check out the update on their blog.

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