It’s time for the release of yet another spooky looking adventure game. STASIS is a top-down isometric experience set on a creepily abandoned spaceship that looks to give Alien a run for its money. Anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi horror tale should check this one out when it releases at the end of the month. August 31 to be more precise, according to the latest update.


In addition to announcing the release date for STASIS, the update also covers a few minor points related to it. It’ll be posted to both Steam and GoG on the same day so if you prefer to have one over the other you get a choice. Which will be asked for within the next week as they prepare to go live. Also, if you’re on a tier that comes with Beta access be sure to keep an eye on your inbox as well.

Finally, there’s a trailer for you to watch to whet your appetite until the end of the month. You can watch it above. ¬†When you’re done with that be sure to check out our previous coverage of STASIS.

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