I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of retro 16-bit style pixelated RPGs. So, when I saw Vanity cross my path I had to check it out. And I do like what I see there. Aside from the graphics, which include anime style “head shots”, there’s a lot to love about this single player or multiplayer (via co-op and even PvP) action RPG.

Vanity takes place in one of seven procedurally generated worlds and each one comes with it its own champion of sorts. For, you see, each of the seven playable characters hails from one of these realms. And they are most certainly interesting and colorful characters. From a shapeshifting sorceress to a barechested tanky-type to a squishy nurse thing and everything in between there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Personally, I’m always up for the damage soaker myself…shirt or no shirt.


Storywise there’s something about the unification of the land by some hero dudes, blah blah blah. In reality, though, the Illuminati…um, the Order of the Open Eye I mean…runs things there. They apparently offer protection and stuff but if you cross them expect to disappear. Without a trace. This angle is probably the most intriguing one for me as I’m such a huge conspiracy nut. And to see it in a fantasy RPG just makes me smile. Because it’s mandatory.


The other unique feature to Vanity would have to be the aptly named “vanity” system. You don’t like the armor and weapon you’re currently wearing and want something more to your taste? Just drop your preferred article of clothing into the corresponding vanity slot. Think of this like the outfit system in Lord of the Rings Online or the transmog system in World of Warcraft. Look pretty but still have the protection to back you up in a fight.

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