There aren’t many games that I’m looking forward to more than Bedlam.  Sure there’s a number of must-buys coming out soon, including Dropsy, Satellite Reign, and Stasis, but Bedlam is the only one that I intend to use a sick day at work for.  A post-apocalyptic turn based strategy RPG roguelike running on The Banner Saga engine?  It’s almost as if the team at Skyshine thought to themselves “What game can we make for Greg?”  I mean, look at it.


Given my indifference to fantasy settings and a general lack of time I didn’t play The Banner Saga, but I’ve been intrigued by it since the beginning.  The old-is-new grid style turn based combat system looked great, but it just never happened for me.  Now that we’re on the cusp of Bedlam’s September 17th release date though, it’s time to plan.  Verify those sick hours, hang the black-out curtains, send the family out of town, and prepare your feet for the inevitable blood pooling.


If Bedlam’s fantastic visions of a post-apocalyptic wasteland don’t excite you, or the prospect of turn based combat makes you sleepy, then that’s fine.  Whatever.  I don’t care.  Really, I don’t.  I’ll be fine.  But you have to respect the way Skyshine handled their Kickstarter : Funded in October 2014 with a September 2015 release date, which they’ll hit, and a steady stream of updates the entire time.  Solid.  Besides, just look at what I have to look forward to.


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