Remember our monthly “Not Crowdfunded, But…” series of articles?  The idea behind it was that we would focus on one non-crowdfunded game per month.  They were certainly fun to write, and tended to be very popular traffic wise (hellllloooo FNAF!), but they were outside the scope of what Cliqist is all about: crowdfunded games.  So, starting this month we’re going to be putting extra special attention on a single crowdfunded game of the month.  Not only will the titles be great games, they’ll also be examples of crowdfunding done right.

Our first ever Crowdfunded Game of the Month (CGOTM?) was an easy choice.  While there’s plenty of great crowdfunded games releasing this month there’s one that really stands out.  STASIS is a horror adventure that isn’t just a great game; it’s also a great example of developers handling the entire crowdfunding process fantastically.  Keep checking back for all of our STASIS coverage.


9/16 – Stasis Boldly Goes Where Man is Not Meant to Go

9/18 – How Stasis Reinvents Survival Horror…in SPACE!

9/28 – The Art of STASIS

9/30 – The Music of STASIS

You can also check out all of our previous STASIS coverage right here.

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