I have no problem admitting that I’m a bit of a gamer score whore.  Get me a game on the Xbone and the first thing I check out are the cheevies.  25 cheevos for completing the Endless Setlist 2 without failing or pausing?  Done!  150 for getting a 5 star rating on all the songs in Hannah Montana?  Gladly!  Renting Avatar the Last Airbender only to play it for 30 seconds to boost my gamerscore by 1000?  Without a doubt.  Achievements for not hitting snooze on my cell phone’s alarm?  Intriguing!


Win or Snooze is new phone app that’s funding on Kickstarter with a very aggressive $40,000 funding goal.  The idea is that when your alarm goes off in the morning you earn points for not hitting snooze.  The inclusion of a ton of stat tracking and a versus mode that has you playing god with other player’s waking hours adds an interesting layer of excitement to what would otherwise be a tricky cell phone alarm.


I’ve never backed an app on Kickstarter before, and don’t expect I’ll be backing many more in the future.  However, Win or Snooze has enough potential for early morning competitiveness, backstabbing, and achievement based gratification that I’m definitely a backer.

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