What do you get when you take William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and mix it in with a post apocalyptic tale reminiscent of Firefly? Well, you get Verona. It’s an action adventure game about two star crossed lovers from what is essentially warring factions and the way that you handle interactions between them determine their fate and those around them.


In Verona the Earth is spiraling towards the Sun and for obvious reasons the human race left on the planet is doomed to die a crispy death. Those with enough money and connections have already secured passage on one of the colonies. With the impending doom fast approaching it’s up to two disparate groups to salvage what remains of our culture.


Our two warring factions are the “Global Traffic Department”, a sort of quasi police force legally salvaging our history, and a group of outlaws known as “Extractors”. These guys are treasure hunters, basically stealing artifacts for the wealthy and powerful currently residing off planet. As you would imagine these guys don’t much care for each other. And our heroes each belong to these rival factions.


Verona will be split into five episodes of about an hour length each for the main storyline. There will be other things like side quests that will bump it up to a total of around 10-15 hours. Aside from the story itself you’ll be tasked in each episode to extract one or more monuments for your employer, which you can do with the help of various pieces of equipment.

I really do like the idea of being a treasure hunter and liberating pieces of our culture, such as apparently the Statue of Liberty, and the premise of a futuristic Romeo and Juliet with a backdrop of impending doom make it an interesting combination.

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