In a Kickstarter update posted on Wednesday, Dex developers announced a partnership with publisher Badland Indie to bring the cyberpunk RPG to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PS Vita platforms sometime next year. Following up on that major announcement was a smaller, though still important, one: the game’s Enhanced Version (previously announced on August 31) will be released on October 5 as a free update.


The Enhanced Version will feature a large amount of highly-requested features and improvements. These include the ability to save manually, an overhauled UI, and Steam achivements. On the same day as the update’s release, Dex will also receive its first free DLC in the form of Extra Outfits. This add-on adds three new cyber-suits to the game, each granting Dex a special ability while worn. The BattleRig, for instance, allows Dex to deflect bullets while the InvisiSuit allows her to turn virtually invisible. Players who install the DLC won’t receive the new outfits right away, as they’ll have to acquire them by completing a new side quest that can be accessed in a brand new location.

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