You may not have heard of Sky is Arrows as there hasn’t been much in the way of updates since the Kickstarter campaign finished almost three years ago, but its Steam Greenlight page is now open for Steam community members to vote on.

However based on the footage available on the Greenlight page you may want to keep your expectations low. The premise of a real-time strategy title featuring mythical creatures and monsters could have potential, but unfortunately it look like an early 1990s game (and not in a good way) while gameplay seems very basic. The lack of a multiplayer mode in a real-time strategy game is also a major cause of concern.Sky is Arrows

The previous history of Sky is Arrows doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either. The projected project length of one year has long since passed, the promised fortnightly updates petered out pretty quickly and even the dedicated website was taken down to cut costs. Finally the fact that only 63 backers supported the campaign (one of whom single-handedly accounted for 80% of the total amount raised) tells its own story.

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