So it’s official, the developers of The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle are finally working on finally be developing the second episode “A Bleaker Predicklement” through a Kickstarter campaign.

For those who aren’t aware, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle, is a “tongue-n-cheek” point and click adventure game set in Victorian London for iOS and Steam, which did pretty well on iTunes…or well enough.


According to Rumpus, the developer of the game, the team is planning on starting a Kickstarter campaign on the 7th of October, which is tomorrow! The reason according to them is that they need extra funding to support their animators, game designers, background artists, and ‘chimney sweeps’, to work on the game full time; which is understandable.

While there are currently no other details regarding the Kickstarter campaign we will let you guys know more when it launches.  In the meantime, if you’d like to help the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Kickstarter get off to a strong start be sure to check out the Thunderclap campaign.


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