Put your hands up and smile, This is the Police has arrived on Steam Greenlight, bringing in a new gameplay trailer alongside it.

Featuring the legendary voice of Jon St. John (Duke Nukem, if you’ve somehow managed to erase your memory of the 90s), This is the Police describes itself as a ‘strategy/adventure game about power and corruption, duty and choice’ featuring a ‘rich story’. Its successful Kickstarter campaign managed to raise a total of $35,508 from 1,910 backers. Not bad for a rookie developer.

This Is The Police is a strategy role playing game featuring the voice of Duke Nukem that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

This new gameplay trailer certainly offers a good look at the game’s menus and UI, and should give players an idea of what to expect when the game launches. There’s some stylish 2D animation in there, too, showing all kinds of corruption and police brutality.


For more on This is the Police, check out our previous coverage, as well as the the game’s official Kickstarter page and Twitter account. You can also find developer Weappy on Twitter, and check out its official website here.

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