Boasting a rather brilliant theme tune from comedy hip hop artist Professor Elemental, Dukes and Dirigibles is already looking a lot of fun. Set in a steampunk version of Victorian England where planes and blimps battle for dominance in aerial tournaments, this top down arena shooter marks the debut Kickstarter campaign from developer Backward PieS.

Dukes and Dirigibles

This husband and wife development team do have a previous Steam title under their belt with Let There Be Life which is going some way to fund production of Dukes and Dirigibles – which has itself already been Greenlit. A web version of Dukes and Dirigibles is already available but the Kickstarter campaign promises additional features including a multiplayer mode which could end up being the killer component.

Dukes and Dirigibles

Despite all these promising aspects only $115 of the $36,000 target has been reached in the first couple of days but with plenty of time left I’m hoping Dukes and Dirigibles can recover from this slow start.

Track the progress of the Dukes and Dirigibles Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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