Good news, everybody! The Last Time is going to feature sound effects and music. Those of you who were anxious at the prospect of the game being silent need not worry – an actual sound designer has been employed and everything. Phew.

The Last Time
What? Think I’m just making this up? I’ll have you know there’s a whole new teaser video available to watch on the project’s official Kickstarter page (or below, for your convenience). There you are – concrete proof!

If you’ve never heard of The Last Time (heh), it’s an upcoming project that takes the nonlinear storytelling techniques made famous by developers like Quantic Dream and Telltale and applies them to the point & click genre. Quite a nice way to mix up two familiar approaches to game design in one fell swoop, if you ask me.

The Last TimeMore, you ask? You’ll get nothing from me. You will, however, find enlightenment on The Last Time’s official Kickstarter page.

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