This weekend, starting today (December 11), in San Jose queer inclusive gaming convention GX3 (formerly GaymerX) is being held. Last year the third year of the con was funded on Kickstarter and those who pledged to various levels got anywhere from standard badges to VIP access to t-shirts and other awesome swag. The name was shortened to show gamers of all walks of life, not just those that identify as LGBTQ, that they are welcome in a safe space where the shared passions of attendees shine over labels.

As both a VIP and press badge holder I’ll be working the entire convention providing the latest news in gaming, both crowdfunding and self funded alike, that might appeal to our readers here at Cliqist. The con started off with a bang to all badge holders not long ago with the opening ceremonies. Held by the people behind the weekend’s events they gave a rundown of what to expect and how they expect others to treat everyone. Spoiler alert: they said to treat with everyone with respect.


GX3 is an all-inclusive convention where there is a safe space no matter your sexuality, gender identity, or other defining characteristics. You’re there as a fan of gaming and they expect everyone to feel welcome. With that said, everyone on the panel just wants all attendees to have fun and to have a great weekend. There will be plenty of panels running throughout the weekend covering all manner of gaming related goodness (I’ll be speaking on one on Saturday for those interested in hearing about it), gaming tables and arcade machines for those who just want to get their game on, a huge exhibit hall filled with sponsors of the convention, and pretty much anything else you would expect from an event like this.

GX3 hosts not only plenty of company sponsors, such as Blizzard and Intel among others, but also special “Bosses of Honor” that should be recognizable not just to queer gamers but to mainstream audiences. Including big names like Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Star Wars, etc) and Adam Harrington (Telltale Games). The exhibit hall will be filled with booths from these sponsors, including hands-on demos for upcoming titles. If you are attending the convention consider checking these booths out. As I work the floor I’ll be providing up-to-date news on what’s in the works.


For those who arrived to the convention yesterday and were holders of VIP badges a pre-con party was held featuring the music stylings of Super Soul Brothers. I spent about an hour of the four-hour long party listening to their music and grooving to the sounds. They will be one of the musical groups playing at the GX3 concert this evening. Suffice it to say that I had a great time so far at the convention and it has just started. Be on the lookout for more from me as the weekend continues on. Including recaps of the panels and other events that I will be attending.

You can check out the rest of our GX3 coverage from the show right here.

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