There’s just something incredibly fun (and slightly masochistic) in playing party-based games which involve pushing your friends into spikes, exploding bombs or anything that might justify pulling off the Luigi death stare. Or maybe that’s just me.

Luckily, there’s a reason for unveiling my deepest sins – Super Micro Heroes landed on Kickstarter a couple of days ago. The easiest way to describe it would be if you imagine mixing Counter-Strike’s Deathrun maps with Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros, with the result being a 10-player online/local retro platformer where the sole objective for players is to get as many gold coins as possible in a race to the end of the level.


Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if random traps didn’t spawn left and right while everyone rushes in a mad frenzy to reach the end. Developers Mutant Games describe gameplay as similar to what you would imagine in Takeshi’s Castle, but in pixel form and involving different, random scenarios during each session.

Sure, maybe it all does sound a bit familiar to Runbow, but then again I really like the idea of incorporating coin collecting as a main score mechanic. Usable items are also mentioned to be lying around levels, although with no further details.


The actual Kickstarter campaign for Super Micro Heroes requires a minimum of €7,000 with 26 days to go, almost €1000 being covered as of now. As for the actual developers, a quick browse told me they hail from Spain and have been making games (mainly mobile) for about 7 years.

As such, I noticed phrase “stretch goals” being mentioned a lot. However, no actual section is visible apart from the campaign listing 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One and iOS/Android as possible platforms. For now, the game is solely developed for PC.

Track the progress of the Super Micro Heroes Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Georgi Trenev

Georgi Trenev

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