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Georgi Trenev

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Georgi was only a wee child when he discovered the wonders of blowing up bad guys in Unreal Tournament. Since then, he’s grown into a game maker, a connoisseur of weird indie offerings and a madman writing about said things on the internet. As it turns out, he’s also pretty good at making homemade pizza.

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Georgi Trenev
10 Min Read

Recently, a friend of mine told me he’s spent more than 100 hours documenting his adventures in Skyrim. Every encounter with deadly skeletons, drunken jarls and menacing dragons, written down in painstakingly clear detail inside a physical notepad.  At that moment I had the sudden urge to see…

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Georgi Trenev
2 Min Read

Two weeks ago, we showed you a glimpse of Expanses – a then upcoming VR game all about exploring pretty low poly environments through your phone. Using a control method incorporating nothing but players’ eyes, the game has now stepped into reality with a brand…

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Georgi Trenev
1 Min Read

Giant hulking mechs with an unreasonable amount of weapons and insane jumping abilities. If that got your attention, then I should probably tell you a bit about DUAL GEAR. It’s a tactical action game with turn-based combat partially inspired by JRPGs, currently in development. The game’s been residing…