Nevermind is one of the few games which actively tries to make you look like Robocop. Up until now, this psychological horror allowed you to hook up a heart-rate monitor, enable motion-sensors, and play with eye-tracking gear. Now, this odd puzzle of immersion seems to be finished with two final pieces – VR and Apple Watch.

Available to purchase through the Oculus Rift website, the updated version of the game includes two new levels, along with various performance optimizations, and tweaks aimed at delivering a smooth virtual reality experience. Except for the VR support, the improvements will all be included in a free Steam update for current owners of Nevermind.


Apple Watch owners can also take advantage of the newly released Nevermind heart rate companion app. This bit of tech might be the more exciting one for me personally, simply because it offers a much easier way of recording heart rate data while playing. According to the app’s description, all you need to do is make sure your phone and PC share the same internet connection.

Step inside

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. There’s a new trailer (labeled “VR Edition”, of course). Here, take a gander.

The Apple Watch now joins an already substantial list of heart rate sensors and seems to just be a bonus add-on. The cheapest sensor variant right now is the Polar H7 Heart Rate Chest Strap. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift version was planned from the beginning. Backers unlocked it as part of a Kickstarter stretch goal.

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