Last time we wrote about Lost Ember, the developers were carefully preparing to enter Kickstarter’s flaming depths. As an attempt to amass an early following, the campaign launch was set to happen once Mooneye Studios hit 5000 newsletter followers. There was even that pretty Gamescom teaser trailer which managed to get coverage from pretty much every press outlet.

Well, the Kickstarter is now officially live, and we can see that the wait was well worth it.


Lost Ember’s campaign managed to reach its goal of €100,000 only three days after launching. Being in development for roughly two years, the game offers a stunning exploration experience akin to Journey. Players play as a wolf and have the ability to possess all kinds of wild animals, soaking up the story of a lost world consisting of picturesque, lush environments.

Although we knew all of this before the Kickstarter went live, there are a few bits of new information regarding Lost Ember. For starters, there’s a fresh teaser trailer hinting at some interesting story elements. From what I gathered, something catastrophic happened 1000 years ago involving a last ruler, eternal night, and “thunderous water.” It’s a bit early to speculate what all of this means, but the last bit might explain the overgrown nature of Lost Ember’s world.

The Kickstarter also states that the game will be fully playable in VR. This makes the act of assuming direct control of a mountain goat even more exciting.

A rewarding project

When it comes to the campaign itself, there’s an incredible amount of rewards offered to backers. Lots of those happen to be physical items, with stuff such as soundtrack vinyls, printed artbooks, maps, posters, wolf statues, and boxed versions of the game available.

With that being said, I’m not sure how well Mooneye will handle so many rewards post-launch. Then again, the Kickstarter might not have been so successful if it weren’t for such items. lostember_4

Lost Ember will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, with no concrete release date as of yet. For all you DRM-free lovers out there, a version is planned, in addition to a Steam release.

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