I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel like an adrenalin rush right about now. A new Kickstarter has launched for a high-speed multiplayer game called Sector 13. It is set to be a combat heavy starfighter game in space to be enjoyed with your friends. The game is from a third person perspective which I think sets it apart from a few other spacey shooting games.

With 29 days to go, Sector 13 Kickstarter has just over 80 backers and has raised $3,500 of it’s sizeable $135K funding goal.

Sector 13

Sector 13 seems to have a lot of influences including Starfox and Halo

Sector 13 combines the adrenaline-fueled action of games like Halo and Quake 3 Arena with the combat flight mechanics from games like Starfox and Crimson Skies.

The developers hope to give players lots of different starfighters to choose from and personalized weapon load out. Players will also be able to customize their starfighter to their fighting style. To be honest the idea of having a 16-player competitive match is what enthrals me most. I think most games seem to only offer up to 4 players so this automatically seems way more intense.

The 4 different game modes gave me a bit of a chuckle:

Sector 13 is currently on the Steam Greenight, so if you are interested, but don’t have the money to back it be sure to vote it up. The developers seem to have high hopes for this project, they have even specified their stretch goals. I think it’s a very ambitious project, but they seem to know what they are doing so the best of luck to them.

Track the progress of the Sector 13 Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith is an English Teacher in Mianyang China with a passion for gaming. Stephanie is dedicated to Edutainment and wants to bring video games into the classroom and help other teachers do the same. She's a little too overly enthusiastic about collecting Steam badges and fairly grumpy if she doesn't get her daily dose of Markiplier and Game Grumps.
Stephanie Smith