I’m a lover of card games, which is why it feels weird that I didn’t know about Faeria until now. Having successfully raised $94,000 on Kickstarter just slightly over two years ago the game has continued to be under development. Before I continue on with the big announcements in the latest update I will point out here that beyond it being a card/board game hybrid all of my information contained herein is purely off of the “letter” they’ve written regarding some big changes to the direction of the game.


Apparently Faeria was originally touted as a “pay once and play forever” card game. Meaning you toss down a fixed sum and you’ll get everything out of the gate. The update announced, apparently for the first time since some people seemed genuinely surprised by this turn of events, that the game will now be free to play. You can still purchase the full core game for a lump sum but boosters will also be available for an as-yet unnamed price.


Honestly, they should have discussed these potential changes with backers before making the decision to switch from one payment plan to another, particularly since they had promised a one-time only method of play. While “free to play” is a dirty word to some people I will point out that I have had no problems backing projects that have gone this route. Of course, this was promised right out of the gate and not years after funding.

There is still a good amount of news in the “letter” provided to fans and backers of Faeria, most stemming from the change to their business model. In particular expect some changes to your pledge if you’re a backer. Just click on the link to get the full story.

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