Meet NOOZh – a constantly evolving dungeon crawler featuring endless levels, all of which are set in a girl’s nightmares. The game just popped up on Kickstarter, and from the get go it seems that it’s really one of those titles that grabs your attention immediately. It also looks surprisingly scary.

NOOZh1Developed by a relatively unknown studio from Argentina by the name of WANNABE, NOOZh tells the story of a girl living alone in her apartment. As she has recurring nightmares, gameplay is essentially split in two – at one hand, you can choose what she does in her daily routine, and on the other you have to play through her nightmares – with the latter being directly influenced by the choices you’ve made during the first half of the day.

Each nightmare features a mysterious entity (named NOOZh) playing hide and seek with you, lurking in the shadows and generally being a creep. And apart from the fact that the aforementioned baddie kind of looks like Aku from Samurai Jack, perhaps the most intriguing part of NOOZh’s concept is the fact that there are no saves; essentially, the game is a rogue-lite in which all choices affect the world in irreversible ways, with each playthrough being supposedly unique thanks to levels being randomly-generated.

In the same time though, I’m beginning to get the chills just by thinking about the prospect of an evil being with adaptive AI constantly chasing me throughout creepy worlds, especially if those are to be filled with traps and deadly puzzles. On the bright side, the game also features some lovely Miyazaki-inspired pixel graphics.

Oh, I also found some raw gameplay footage of the game from a few months back.

Apart from the good old stunning pixel graphics, something tells me the story of NOOZh will be both pretty messed up and super intriguing. The Argentinian developers behind the game already have a bunch of small prototypes in the works (judging by their website), and as a fan of bonkers concepts spotting modernized retro-styled graphics I think I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for the studio’s future progress.


So yeah, you have 31 days to support NOOZh’s Kickstarter, with its overall goal amounting to £10,000. If all goes well, the game will be available for PC and Mac, with PS4 and PSVita being mentioned as possibilities depending on the campaign’s success.

Track the progress of the NOOZh Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Georgi Trenev

Georgi Trenev

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