It took a little longer than anticipated perhaps, but Psychonauts 2 has met its funding goal. With over $3,313,000 raised and five days to go, Double Fine has secured the funds it needs to make the sequel to their original beloved cult hit.

Given some of Double Fine’s recent controversies, such as splitting Broken Age in half and the Early Access bomb of SpaceBase DF-9, I was wondering if people would trust Tim Schafer and Double Fine enough to back the project. The fact that it was on a new crowdfunding platform that had already gotten off to a rocky start didn’t help matters. But, the fans pulled through, and with the help of some still yet named financial backers, Psychonauts 2 is coming.


The question now becomes, for Double Fine, who are these mystery external backers, and why do they want to remain anonymous for the time being? As for Fig, it will be interesting to see if this will be the start of something big for the game-centric crowdfunding platform, or if it’s a temporary success due to name recognition.

For now, Psychonauts 2 will launch sometime in Fall 2018. By then, we should know whether or not Fig will be a success or not as well. Here’s hoping everything works out, Double Fine certainly seems to be pleased with this news.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths