For those of you awaiting your opportunity to explore a galaxy with your 8bit crew, fighting 8bit aliens aboard your very own 8bit spaceship, the time is now. Pixel Starships is a strategy sci-fi mmorpg game that takes you on an epic journey with tiny pixel people. Pixel Starships was launched worldwide yesterday by the Melbourne based game studio SavySoda after being first released in Australia.

pixel starships

With its retro look and charming soundtrack, I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises this game has in store. So far, something the game doesn’t look like it will be short on is customization as there are plenty of options available for your ship. The interface looks a bit like Fallout Shelter, another app I found addicting when it first launched.

pixel starships

While Pixel Starships was originally scheduled to be released in December of last year, the mark was missed narrowly. Instead, it was announced on December 23 that the game would be released on January 6th. Currently, it only seems to be available on Apple devices, with PC users left waiting for the Steam version to be available. When the game will be available on that platform is still unclear, with no announcements finalized for Steam as of this writing. The delay for the Steam delay doesn’t seem to be due to lack of interest, as the game was greenlit in only eleven days back in June.

You can get Pixel Starships now on your iPhone and iPad.

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