Identity is an Open-World MMORPG that was funded on Kickstarter back in February. Updates have been a little sparse during its development, but the latest update shows some real positive progress. Asylum Entertainment announced the launch of Identity‘s website in time for the new year. It is currently up and running and looks rather impressive.


The Identity website launched and it is looking great.

The development team are going to update via the website rather than the Kickstarter page. Something that is definitely worth noting if you are following this game. Backers of the project are advised to log on to the website with their Kickstarter email in order to link their pledge rewards to their player account. The actual MMORPG hasn’t released just yet, but there is a lot that backers can explore in the mean time. I’m glad to see such a substantial update since I always get worried when updates are sparse.

Identity is a new MMO that lets you do almost anything, and it's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Identity will be released in modules, meaning you will be able to play it before it is complete.

Backers will be able to play around with an incomplete version of the game in the meantime before release. Identity is going to be released in modules according to the December update. Personally, I enjoy this approach because one of the great things about crowdfunding games is that you get a front row seat to their creation. With these Identity modules, you are getting a real hands-on look into the gaming world as it is being brought to life. I think that this is one of the great things that set crowdfunded games apart from other indie games.

On the website there is a ‘Dev tracker’ which tells visitors exactly what has just been developed or tweaked in the game. Personally I think that Asylum Entertainment is putting on a class act for all of us. They’re showing a great example of how to keep your backers involved with the development process and build anticipation.

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