Churbles, the adorably tough rpg is still being developed despite the developers being silent for the last few months. A new update was published January 11, on both the Churbles Kickstarter page, and official Tumblr blog.

While it has been months since the last update, it looks like the developers have made some progress. According to CrashGem, all the art, animation for main characters, and writing for the first episode is done. Still in progress are combat systems, story sequence systems, and audio.

Even though the development of Churbles has been slow, the team behind the game recognizes where they might have made mistakes, admitting that they may have “over-designed and under-budgeted.” However, the team seems committed to working hard to finish the game up. No release date has been set as of right now, but I’m hopeful that we will see this game eventually. Churbles is planned to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and through digital download through Xbox live, PSN, and Nintendo eShop.

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