Bitter Truth is a slice of life visual novel with otome dating elements from Chisa Studios. It’s based on a Japanese radio play by co-creators Chandra Hughes and Samantha Chan. In it, you take the part of insanely popular Emilia whose life seems just about complete. She is known as the “perfect girl” at her school and is dating her best friend Callister, who just happens to be the most popular guy at school. Her life is thrown into turmoil when childhood friend Lily transfers to Emilia’s school and a cute guy gets a job at the café in which she works. As with most slice of life games, you’ll have to choose how Emilia spends her time, who she interacts with, and ultimately shape her relationships with those around her.

Bitter TruthBitter Truth is going to consist of two editions. Firstly, there’s the free version of the game which follows the core story of Emilia’s life. In addition to that, there’s a special extended edition which contains three romanceable characters and nine possible endings. I’m always a bit dubious about games which will ultimately be released for free as it’s hard to avoid leaving backers feeling short-changed. In this case, it’s clear that the extended edition will not be free but it remains to be seen whether this distinction is sufficient in the minds of potential backers.

Currently the total stands at a meagre $121 raised from the $10,000 target so it appears that backers need convincing. It’s also worth mentioning that publisher Sekai Project has been struggling with a number of projects recently as fans are starting to lose the faith a little. The artwork is nice, if unspectacular, and there’s a demo for you to get a better sense of the game too.

Bitter Truth

If you like what you’ve seen, I’m sure that Chisa Studios would appreciate your backing. They also have a Steam Greenlight campaign running too.

Track the progress of the Bitter Truth Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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