If there’s one thing I’ve learned from The Flame in the Flood‘s trailers, it’s that things can always take a turn for the worse. This is certainly true for the game’s latest video which showcases a few essential rafting tips survivors must keep in mind during their… Surviving of things.

The Flame in the Flood, A survival Kickstarter game by The Molasses Flood

Focusing on the main way of transportation in the game, the trailer starts out nice and chill by pointing out the basics of choosing your path and going with the flow. Then it suddenly pushes you into the current while showing your in-game canine companion getting flung in the air multiple times as a result of the wild, raging waters. That’s fine though – the developers have stated numerous times that the dog can never die. In fact, the trailer is part of a series focusing on a bunch of useful The Flame in the Flood survival tips, so you can take a look at those if you want to learn more about the benefits of spear traps, or how to not alert wolves. (Trust me, you don’t want to mess with the wolves.)

In other news, The Molasses Flood announced earlier this month that The Flame in the Flood is getting its full release on the 24th of February! Thankfully, this also comes after a nice and short Early Access period full of what seems to be many satisfied players and rather high reviews, on top of a backer-exclusive beta that happened well before all that. Most digital and physical Kickstarter rewards seem to be the only things left to be handled as of now, although the developers have promised to focus on doing just that after the game releases on Steam and Xbox One.

Ultimately though, I think it’s safe to say that The Flame in the Flood has been handled tremendously well after receiving $251,647 as part of its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. I guess it goes to show just how important experience is, with the team behind the game coming from colossi like Irrational, Bungie and Harmonix.

Georgi Trenev

Georgi Trenev

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