EmergeNYC has re-emerged after almost nine months without an update. While the developers were active on their Facebook page, backers were starting to get restless, having not had a Kickstarter update since May, 2015.


EmergeNYC originally hit Kickstarter in 2014 and quietly raised over $13,000 on its promises of realistic emergency service simulation combined with casual gameplay and role playing. Backers were encouraged to expect a combination of Emergency 4 and Grand Theft Auto.

So what does the new update have to offer? There’s a video showcasing a new Police Sedan which is heavily padded and far too long. There’s also a new gameplay video with developer commentary which is much meatier. In the video, you follow a team of firefighters from the firehouse to the scene of a small fire. Traffic on the streets behaves realistically, slowing down to allow you to pass when they hear the sirens. The new lighting system is also very effective and really shows off the realistic lights on the truck itself.


When the team arrive at the scene, they hook the truck up to a fire hydrant and then another member of the team opens the hood of a burning car and smashes open the windshield. The character animations are fluid and have weight. A few are a little laboured but the voiceover assures us that these animations are just placeholders. Finally, we watch as another member of the team puts the fire out by spraying it with the truck’s hose.


All in all, it’s a very impressive video and it really does underline the quality level that the developers are aiming for. Considering the relatively low budget, it’s a surprisingly high quality product which is on show. However, this may also indicate why development is going slowly as the small team struggles to deliver both quality and quantity. It’s also worth mentioning that the fire truck video has been available on YouTube for over four months, which may do little to convince backers that those waiting for Kickstarter updates are being given much consideration.

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