Wanna tell scary stories? Metanoia Games’ new Kickstarter project, Kaidan could be right up your dark deserted alley. Described as “a community driven asymmetrical multiplayer horror game,” the idea is that players use the proprietary Kaidan System to structure their own horror stories which other players can then enter and experience as either victim or monster. Still with me? Good, because this sounds amazing!


Kaidan features 3 player lead functions; Storyteller, Victim, and Haunter. Victims get to play through the crafted levels and try to complete objectives laid out for them by the Storyteller, all while avoiding the Haunter. At the end of the level they will be able to rate their experience, which is the basis for Storytellers and Haunters to unlock new abilities. The better your story or scare tactics, the more features you unlock.

All levels are procedurally generated based on the Storytellers specifications when they create the story. They define who the protagonist is and what they are trying to accomplish in one of several available settings. Naturally, each Haunter will also have a different take on how they role-play as the antagonist, so stories will play out differently each time.


As with any community powered project, I have my reservations about how well Kaidan will hold up if its $75,000 Kickstarter goal is met by the March 29th deadline. Lackluster stories, or even poor matchmaking, and the obvious trolling could easily ruin Metanoia’s admirable goals for the project. Still, they remain optimistic that with support and feedback from their community, they will be able to find solutions to any issues that arise.

In the meantime, you can watch Kaidan’s trailer and visit the Kickstarter page for a full rundown of Haunter abilities and Storyteller options.

Track the progress of the Kaidan Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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