If you’re looking for spice in Kickstarter, try Discordia: Guardians of the Domain, courtesy of Chilean developer Movimiento Épico. That sounded a lot better in my head.

Discordia is a free online tactical turn based RPG, with fantasy elements. The game revolves around a pillar system, which is basically a faction system. You choose between one of three pillars, each with their own special units called Guardians. You’ll also get control over certain dominions, and which pillar you choose will determine who your enemies are.


The Guardians you control will level up during combat, and each will have their own unique abilities. They’re to be the foundation of your strategy, and they play a big role in the story as well. You also have access to several basic units, like Sloth/Panda hybrids, Rhino/Gorilla hybrids whose stomachs are ripped open, and Hummingbird/WWI Bilplane hybrids. The creature designs are unique and varied is what I’m saying. Each unit will have it’s own unique archetype that will give it different stats, so even in the same groups of creatures, they’ll be several different things you can do with them.

You play as the embodiment of one of the three Pillars of Creation. These pillars fight over Essence, the “energy of creation that answers the Pillar’s will and desires.”  The first edition, which is what they’re calling the first update of the game it seems, is set in Itria, where a legendary creature that was once thought of as extent has recently turned up.


There’s a full breakdown of the lore and story behind the game. It seems to be a bit different from the usual fantasy affair, especially since players will have control over the story. Whichever pillar wins the battles and has the most points in a season will “define the destiny of the world” for the next edition. It’s not explained how players will be able to control the story, but if groups of player get to take over the whole map, or create new Guardians that would be pretty nifty.

Movimiento Épico is seeking $70,000 so they can work on Discordia: Guardians of the Domain full time, as well as develop the lobby and other “secondary” elements of the game. Discordia: Guardians of the Domain looks like a good one, so keep your eye on it, and keep checking out Cliqist for more.

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