Hello there all you beautiful readers of this awesome gaming blog thingy. Just your friendly neighborhood Deadpool here and I’ve got a problem. You see, there’s this guy that thinks he can build an open-world game based on yours truly and it’s blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes that this just won’t do. Certainly not with the awful pitch he’s thrown together. There’s lazy and then there’s LA-ZEE. Even that George Lucas wannabe at least tried.


There’s nothing there. All the guy says is that he wants to make a Deadpool game and that he’s supposedly 90% finished. With nothing to show for it, is it really almost done or is it just in his mind? There’s no screenshots for crying out loud. There’s no talk about what to expect with the final product. Even worse there’s only two “reward tiers” that don’t give jack. It’s not hard to figure out why nobody’s backed the project yet. If this is a scam project then it’s the laziest scam that I’ve come across. And I’ve seen some pretty lazy attempts at a cash grab.


Even if it’s not a scam, this so-called Deadpool game won’t even come close to its $1,000 goal, even with two months on the clock. If it’s a joke then it’s the laziest joke I’ve seen. Whether a joke or a scam either way I’m certain it won’t take long for Marvel to put the kibosh on it before it can gain any sort of traction with the hecklers and trolls. Because those are the only ones who will even think of giving anything to such a poorly planned campaign.

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