When it comes to card games the ones that I enjoy the most are either incredibly simple to just pick up and play in an evening or those that you need to have an advanced math degree to understand. In the case of Nova Blitz this is most indeed the latter and with the new alpha build to try out it’s been even more streamlined than when I looked at it last. If you’re interested in seeing what’s been added and changed then read on.

Nova Blitz

First off, one new addition to the game is meant to get new players into the game. Especially if you’re a newb when it comes to CCGs and have never played one this can be quite helpful. There are six tutorials to play through with some helpful tips as to how to play cards, attack and defend with creatures, and basically try to stay alive. For someone like myself who’s had two decades of experience this should come as second nature, but a godsend to those that never played one. It wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more advanced tips but this is a very easy to understand game as it is.

Nova Blitz

But what about those of us who’ve played enough games in the past where we don’t need to know how to play? Well, there is still plenty of new and enhanced things put into the new build for Nova Blitz that it’s worth talking about. I didn’t try it out, but there is finally drafting functionality for those that like to play in draft tournaments. I’m not a fan of this style of play, preferring either constructed or “sealed deck”, but for those that enjoy this sort of thing it’s now finally in. I did briefly check it out, but I didn’t build a deck.

Nova Blitz

While it was already in the previous build, I didn’t check out the deck builder until now. And I’m happy to say that it’s pretty intuitive. You’re limited to only three of any particular card and you’re limited to only two “colors” of cards. Meaning that you can play one or two “factions” but not all five. Honestly, I’ve never really played decks beyond “monocolor” or “dual color” anyway so it’s perfectly fine with me. Those who want to play a rainbow deck are out of luck, though.

Which brings me to my final point of newness in Nova Blitz. Finally gone are the “energy cards”. Those familiar with the Magic: The Gathering lands or Pokemon energy cards or pretty much any game that uses resources in that way will know that it can be easy to be “mana screwed”. Which is a breath of fresh air to know that we no longer will be using them and instead be treated to getting one point of “mana” per turn. I’m not sure if there’s a cap as my matches never reached very many rounds before one of us lost. Those familiar with Hearthstone should feel right at home here. Plus, these will work with any card as their costs are pretty much “colorless”.

Nova Blitz

There’s more to the new build, particularly in regards to the starting health being boosted to 40, but overall those are most of the changes in Nova Blitz. It’s shaping up to be quite an addictive game that should only last a few minutes per match. Which is a great thing for those of us who have little free time on our hands. I’m very much fond of the “Divine” cards, in particular the use of Knights and Angels, but there’s a whole lot of cards to choose from. I look forward to seeing more implemented down the line up through launch and beyond.

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