It’s rare to see a game in the alpha stage offer free stuff during development but as of the latest update Nova Blitz will be giving away free packs, up to twenty total, starting March 15. Here’s the deal, though. You’ve got to play and win in either constructed or draft matches. It’s not enough to just play but you’ve gotta beat the living snot out of your opponent. You can get up to ten packs per play style which means that in addition to any that you might have pledged for during the Kickstarter you’re likely to make out like a bandit by the time the game is ready for the masses.


In addition to the free packs Dragon Foundry is also hosting two weekly events to both help players snag these packs easier but also to get valuable information for Nova Blitz via feedback from the community. On Tuesdays you can take your constructed decks out for a spin and on Wednesdays you’ve got draft play. However you wish to play you should have some way to earn a few packs to put you ahead of the curve. Me? I’m thinking of trying both options out.

Nova Blitz

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