Open-World Action-RPG game Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Formerly Umbra) is set to release on Early Access on March 24th. Wolcen is also well on target for its planned official release in October 2016 for PC and Linux. On top of all this good news, backers will be receiving upgrades to their reward tiers. So, why are some of Wolcen’s backers miffed at all the good news?

Umbra Wolcen screenshot

“An isometric open world action-RPG in a corrupted world falling apart”

Well, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will be releasing on Early access for a lower than expected price of $20. Unfortunately, one of their reward tiers (APPRENTICE) pledged $25 to gain Early Access. To compensate the change in price the developers upped the rewards for their backers including access to the Alpha for APPRENTICE level backers and an exclusive item with weapon pack. Despite the fact the difference is only $5, there are a few backers who are very displeased. I find it kind of funny in a sad way, that these people seem to simply want more than other people can have. It doesn’t seem like they want to back a project to support it, but just to take more from it or get exclusive items no one else can have. Need I recite that old mantra about Kickstarter not being a store and that the rewards are just incentives?

Umbra Wolcen screenshot 2

“Your good will and support has allowed us to build this company, this team, and this game, and we want to ensure your contributions feel appropriately valued and appreciated as we continue forward.”

I have seen enough Kickstarters fail or simply not deliver to roll my eyes at those who are whining about not getting a better deal than other people. It’s so petty and pathetic in my opinion. The developers are accepting feedback till the 7th of April. Maybe they should give the whiners their five dollars back and downgrade them a backer class. One problem that is actually worth having being concerned about is that we do not have a date for Linux’s Early Access release yet. All we know is it will be released at a later date. What do you think? Do these backers have the right to complain that the game is less expensive than expected? Comment down below.

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