Reliable sources have recently mentioned that Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games has some big additions headed for the third-person aspect of Star Citizen that may surprise and titillate sci-fi and horror fans alike.

IllFonic, the company that originally worked on creating the shooter aspect of the game, was also working on their own, non-crowd funded MMO called Revival, an H.P. Lovecraft inspired MMO world with persistent housing, multiple alignment systems, a deity system, constant live events on subscription servers, and graphic sex. However, a recent announcement noted that Revival was being cancelled for the moment, with plans to somehow continue IllFonic’s dream sometime in the future.


Looking to party?

Enter Star Citizen. Having already worked with IllFonic in the past and seeing their assets, Roberts felt that utilizing the Kickstarter money to acquire IllFonic’s current work could help cut some costs on art assets and system development. In addition, Lovecraft was a horror sci-fi writer, and using stories inspired by him in a single system would add cost efficient content someone else had already began developing. Despite moving the shooter game to an internal department, Roberts knew the IllFonic team was familiar with their standards and practices, and that the addition made complete sense for everyone involved.

Of particular note are plans to add a sex “mini-game” on board players’ ships in Star Citizen, both as a nod and a dig at EA/Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, known for its “fade-to-black” scenes during “romantic encounters.” For those who may be unaware, EA is the company that bought out Roberts’ old employers, Origin Systems, and ended its days as a game development company. The on-ship sex mini-game would be one of the many, ongoing references to Roberts’ past employers. Combined with informal polls indicating that Star Citizen players are between 21-35, the move doesn’t seem particularly surprising.

Just the same, we’ve reached out to both Cloud Imperium and IllFonic to see if this is merely some sort of joke.

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