Deep Flare : Explorer is the latest game in the popular space genre on Kickstarter. I’m always intrigued by ‘different’ space-games, like Deep Flare, mainly for  what mechanics they bring to the table. I feel like the majority of the space-games I play are action and/or horror, but the ones I really enjoying are just mulling around collecting and terraforming (yes, I’m one of the few monsters who actually enjoys Spore’s space stage). This particular pixel-art game has a hefty funding goal of € 45k and some big ideas to match.

Deep Flare

I really love when games have multiple layers for depth.

The thing that caught my eye when I saw Deep Flare : Explorer on Kickstarter was it’s uniqueness. I don’t see many combos of ‘story-driven’ and ‘space-exploration’ and I don’t think I have ever seen a pixel-art space-exploration game. Now the premise for the story does sound a little pretentious and maybe a bit cheesy, but the effort is clear on the Kickstarter page. There’s a demo available which is the fruit of a year of development. The developers earned some brownie points with me by experimentally including voice acting into the demo to help calculate the costs and reception. The voice acting is one of the stretch goals and I think it is kinda cool to include it in the demo. I don’t see a lot of Kickstarters doing that which is a shame because it’s an opportunity to showcase the best possible scenario. Anyway, they have quite a nice team of tech savvy and specialized guys so that was a boost in confidence for me.

Deep Flare

The cover reminds me of a Final Fantasy game. Not going to lie, I like it

The actual mechanics of exploration and fuel management and crafting seem like they would be fun independently to the story. The developers mentioned that there would be no invisible walls to block you, but hazards to deter you. There’s equipment and crafting present in the game and the constant struggle for fuel, so there’s a lot of things going for it. Personally, I’m a sucker for the double layer landscape that adds so much depth and makes good pixel-art look great. You can check out the Kickstarter Campaign here or help them get Greenlit here. Question time! What is your favourite kind of space game and why? Comment down below and if you like Deep Flare : Explorer don’t forget to share it to help it get funded.

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