Aviary Attorney was released way back in December, so why do some backers still not have the game? Sketchy Logic has finally broken their three months of silence but still has no exact date for when DRM-free backers will get their copy. A number of backers have lost confidence in the developers who apparently have not responded to DM or emails on top of a large number of comments on the Kickstarter page. The most recent update is fairly lacklustre and if I had backed this project I’d be fairly angry to still not have a date.

Aviary Attorney

I was quite excited for this game when I heard about it.

When the game was released on Steam the developers knew it was unfinished and they mentioned in an update. They also knew that they would find bugs and spelling mistakes and claimed DRM-free versions of games are harder to update so they’d hold off on release. This was back in December and backers were told they would get the game just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, neither the game nor the promised follow-up update came. What backers got instead was three months of silence and now this update that doesn’t really answer anything. Most Steam backers received their keys, though some were also left high and dry. This has created a split amongst backers where the people who have been able to play the game are happy and some have decided the other backers are simply whiners which in turn upsets them and creates a rather negative atmosphere. This remains unalleviated by the developers lack of communication for all these months. Even after the recent update the developers have thus far made no effort to address the people in the comments section for the project.

Aviary Attorney is a new game on Kickstarter that's like Phoenix Wright, but with real birds. Lot's of courtroom drama here!

it was received positively, though, some were upset by the game being sold incomplete.

This is just another example of why communication is very important on Kickstarter. Despite Aviary Attorney’s positive reviews on Steam, I’m a lot less willing to buy it knowing how they’ve treated their backers. Not only that, but I find the idea of releasing an incomplete game as a full one morally wrong. What do you think of the developers’ behaviour? Will you be purchasing Aviary Attorney?

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