Gun Media and Illfonic just released a meaty update to their slasher fest revival, Friday the 13th over on Kickstarter. If you haven’t been keeping track, check out our previous coverage here and get on my level. Okay, back? The latest update is pretty big, but there are a lot of juicy tidbits hidden in the 4 videos they included for our viewing pleasure. The first kicks off with David and Chuck from Illfonic telling us about moving Friday the 13th towards a production build. Now that the gameplay systems in the prototype are working they are ready to start integrating the final quality art. They also showed some shots of Kane Hodder doing the MoCap for the game and discussed the tweaks they had to make for the different iterations of Jason.


Speaking of which, the update also had Kane and Ben Strauss from Gun Media announcing the next iconic, and playable, versions of Jason being introduced to the game thanks to stretch goals and backer voting. Backers were also treated to a brief gameplay video of Adam Sessler showing off some harrowing escape options available in Friday the 13th. The cut-throat nature of surviving at any cost really sold me on the game.

Perhaps the most exciting news from the update, if you happen to be attending PAX East, is that both Gun Media and Illfonic will be in attendance for a panel on Friday night at 8:30PM in the Dragonfly theater. If you miss the panel you can always follow @friday13thgame on Twitter as Gun’s Community Manager, Ben Strauss walks the convention hall. He’ll be handing out clues, and beta keys to those lucky enough to find him. There is also the promise of prizes for anyone cosplaying as a Friday the 13th character.


I’m actually pretty stoked for this game, enough so that I’m trying to convince Greg to get some demo keys so the Cliqist writers can play this together for the Youtubes. Come on Greg, it’s a team building exercise!

If you missed the campaign, the devs have a Slasher Backer (slacker backer) site where you can still get in on some of the goodies and fun. If you are going to be at PAX East next weekend, send swag!

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