I want a copy of The Wild Eight! On their Kickstarter page, anywhere from $10-30 guarantees a single digital copy of the game, but they’ve all been claimed so damn quickly… do I really have to shell out more than $30 to get in on early access? I don’t have much use for two copies, let alone four or six or even eight! That’s right guys, unless you’ve got a few friends that simply cannot wait to play The Wild Eight or a hefty chunk of cash to spare, you’re stuck with a $5 wallpaper. Or you could hit me up and we could split a pair of codes and maybe even play it together! That’s a serious offer—I’ve got a mic and my email is but a few clicks away.


But whatever ends up happening, the point is, I’ll end up paying for The Wild Eight sooner or later. This co-op survival game available on all platforms looks too exciting to pass up—and the hoi polloi seem to agree. The campaign was launched on April 6th, and in little over a week it has raised close to $25,000 of the $50,000 it’s asking for. $24,312 at time of writing, to be exact. With 28 days to go, it might even be able to make its stretch goal of $100,000—if they do, developer 8pts promise five extra side quests, five extra soundtracks, and an extended game world.


Like any backer, as enthusiastic as I might be, I do have my reservations. 8pts started working on the game a mere six months ago, and it’s due for release at the end of the year! I’m as much a proponent of efficiency as the next Joe Schmo, but that seems just a tad too speedy for my taste. If anything, I’m worried that the game won’t be long enough, or if it is, that something else will suffer in its place. I’d much rather they release it mid-2017, like the many other games grinding for dollars on Kickstarter this month, so that they can take the time to deliver an incredible final product, well worth my dollars. If they do reach their stretch goals (I’m guessing they’ll easily make 75K), I wouldn’t be surprised if they dragged out the development for an extra six months or so, just to take the time to incorporate those added features.


Our previous coverage of The Wild Eight took on a rather pessimistic tone—not without reason; but we’ll have to agree to disagree. The gaming world seems to have a much brighter outlook on the future of The Wild Eight. 8pts said it best on Kickstarter, “[it] must mean that trying to survive the deep forests of Alaska while facing supernatural foes appeals to all of you”. The Wild Eight looks well on track to shoot past their goal of $50,000, which will of course translate into sheer ecstasy for backers and devs alike, but the real test will be if they can deliver a killer game with only eight months to go. And since The Wild Eight was Steam Greenlit just a few days ago, on April 12th, I’m definitely looking forward to playing it on Steam, with or without a few friends at my side.


Felix Wong

Felix Wong

Felix spent a large chunk of his youth behind a 24 inch monitor and intends to do the same with the rest of his adult life. For reasons still unbeknownst to friends and family, he decided to eschew a more conventional career path to instead become a guy who writes about video games for cash and coin.
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