Almost 6 months after their last update, DDT Games released a backers-only update for ThanksGiving LIFE cryptically titled “The progress of the TGL after Kickstarter campaign“. After a frantic spattering of updates as goals were shattered, the developers were able to raise $18,021 by November 6th, 2015, roughly $3,000 more than their original $15,000 goal. After an elated update thanking backers for their support, the TGL Update board went radio silent…until April 1st, 2016, aka April Fool’s Day.

Peasantly non-backers (like me) can only speculate on the fate of what looks to be a wacky sandbox god simulator in the vein of Sims 3. 


Before getting carried away, consider the fact that this isn’t the first time developers posted bogus updates on April 1st. There was even that one time that the Kickstarter team themselves got in on the gag.

However, it may not be all rainbows and puppy dogs, as discord has been apparent in the Comments section shortly after the game was successfully funded. The last Comment from the developer went up November 17th, and it was in response to an apparent spam complaint. DDT Games apologized and offered to remove them from all unsolicited mailing lists. Even when the developer’s site went down, there was no update to speak of, until April 1st, 2016.


Just like that guy who thinks tripping rollerbladers is hilarious, some of us are simply not known for our tact. Could this simply be a convoluted charade, or another promising but failed campaign? Is ThanksGiving LIFE dead? Only time will tell.

(Editors Note: We reached out to DDT Games concerning the progress of ThanksGiving Life back on April 1st, but have yet to hear back.)

Conrad Crisman

Conrad Crisman

Conrad is an industry vet who's approximately 25% Internet famous. Starting with the NES Action Set and local arcades circa 1988, he has a soft spot for indie games and old school platformers. He even built his own arcade cabinet once and shamelessly bragged about it to his buddy.
Conrad Crisman