Kickstarter really needs to screen potential projects a lot better. Too many joke or scam campaigns make it through their filter and while far from the worst offender Trumpman easily ranks high on the list of obvious examples. It’s hard to even look at the pitch without breaking out into manic Joker-like laughter as the titular character is supposed to make it from one rally to the next by not flying into things. The images and video alone make me want to wince in agony. It’s just that bad.


And frankly the campaign for Trumpman isn’t even the worst part of what AJIS is offering. Thinking that there could potentially be some validity to this (yeah, right) I decided to check out their Web site. What’s even worse than what they have up on Kickstarter, they claim to have experience of making apps as far back as 2004 but their projects page only shows like four as far back as last year. Something doesn’t smell right here.


Back to the pitch, there’s literally nothing there. They briefly talk about wanting to make a game, saying that for each $5k Canadian they’ll do one level and one bonus level. Um, yeah. Sure. The rest is basically just showing off what they’re offering as “rewards”. Which is painfully obvious that they’re not thinking straight, if at all. Even in the Risks and Challenges section they make a mockery of crowdfunding: “There is no real risk and challenge here. We have done previous apps and games and we feel very confident that we will deliver this project.”


Trumpman is a joke of the lowest denominator. At least others were good for a laugh. This one just falls flat on its chiseled chin.

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