Yeah, many of us may feel that the zombie trope has been beaten into re-death over and over again, but after looking at the already impressive set of features in Yeti Culture’s Brrrainz, it got me thinking. How does one successfully combat a genre that almost guarantees an eyeroll or three? By implementing multiple genres, of course!


Hear me out: how about an FPS that transitions into a topdown tower defense? Brrrainz already promises to implement epic Tolkien-style throwdowns and unique boss battles, but what about infiltrating a building full of hostiles, like The Last of Us? Or a whimisical, bloody FPS that moves into a Capture the Flag topdown RTS as enemies rush to take it back?

brrrainz1The great part of Kickstarter is that developers can benefit from user feedback and add new features. Let’s see what else the fevered geniuses at Yeti Culture bring to the blood-soaked table.

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