Things are looking very good for Pale Spectrum, the sequel to Brilliant Shadows by Ithaqua Labs. Requesting only 1,500 dollars and receiving over $7,000 with four days to go.  After launching on the 25th of March in the first 24 hours the campaign was well on its way to reaching the first stretch goal, and three days later it had not only exceeded it, but was rapidly approaching the second.  On April 3rd the after reaching $5,500 the game reached yet another goal and received full voice acting for all lines of dialogue in the game, and only 12 days later it was greenlit on Steam. Whats more, Brooke Lawson (former Yogscast member and a Youtuber with over 700,000 subscribers) agreed to make an appearance as a character based off of herself. All of this happened in around one very successful month and illustrates how well a well planned and executed Kickstarter campaign can do, especially given some of of the other ones we’ve seen lately.

Pale Spectrum 3

Pale Spectrum picks up a little after the events of the first game and the perspective swaps between the point of view of multiple characters, allowing you to make choices for more than just one character. The developers say that the game offers up 7-10 hours of gameplay for a single route, with multiple routes and lots of side quests and secondary paths you can take. If you’re interested in it and want to give it a try, here’s a demo.  Otherwise, you’ve got a few days to back it on Kickstarter if you’re so inclined.

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