When it comes to adventure games I sit up and listen. And when Bill Tiller, of LucasArts fame, and company turned to Kickstarter to get a comedy pirate themed adventure game funded I immediately had to back it. Because of the names behind it, obviously. Plus, pirates. Who doesn’t like pirates? Anyway, Duke Grabowski has been in development for nearly two years now and we received an update with some rather unexpected, but good, news. Some not so good, but you can read the link above to know more.

Duke Grabowski

Anyway, back when it ran on Kickstarter Duke Grabowski was originally supposed to be a relatively short adventure game where you take the titular hero on a quest to become not just a mighty pirate but a sophisticated swashbuckler as well. And that was it. At least until now, that is. The update doesn’t go into any real detail but now the game will become episodic. Five chapters are to be released, which includes this first one that fans made possible. With it also comes the news that they’ve managed to secure a publisher in the way of Alliance Game Studios.

Duke Grabowski

Now before you decide to go keelhaul the people at Venture Moon just listen. The campaign was for a short game. You’ll still get it if you pledged. All the above means that we’ll be treated to much more content with Duke Grabowski. It’s not mentioned, but it does sound like if you want the remaining episodes you’ll have to fork out more, but that’s frankly just conjecture on my part. I don’t know any more than what’s in the update.

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