FarSight Studios, creator of the immensely successful, critically acclaimed Pinball Arcade, are back on Kickstarter, this time asking for $108,435 to help bring the AC/DC pinball table to mobile, consoles, and VR. Pinball Arcade, dubbed “Rolling Thunder” on IGN,  is without a doubt the most popular pinball simulator on the market today, available on nearly every platform you can possibly think of: from mobile devices like the iPhone, to Steam for PC and Mac, to current-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4. FarSight Studios has a wealth of experience dating back to when they first got their feet wet working with Nintendo, making their first game on the NES, and they’ve been “making hit games continuously ever since.”


So why $100K, you ask? Why does it cost a fortune to port a pinball table to mobile, consoles and VR? Well, FarSight Studios has boiled it down to the sheer complexity of digitizing pinball tables. The rights to the physical pinball table must first be acquired, then the table needs to be taken apart. All the artwork, 2D and 3D must be recreated from scratch. This is followed with the implementation of “table logic, lights, DMD, and sound” and finally everything is tested for performance and release to the public. Also, with your funds, they’ll be able to create the FarSight Pinball Physics 4.0 which will make things “even more realistic.”


Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC’s Kickstarter campaign has over three weeks left to go, and so far they’ve raised roughly $16K. You can track its progress in our campaign calendar.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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