Even when it comes to adventure games there are some that I just have a hard time getting behind. And one of them was The 7th Guest and its sequel The 11th Hour. Not because of the story, though, as I really liked the weird and macabre goings on in the Stauf mansion. It was the blasted puzzles that did me in. Which is one reason why I ended up passing on the fan sequel to the first game, The 13th Doll. However, after looking at the cool photos in the latest update I kinda feel a tinge of regret of not going in on it.

The 13th DollThe update for The 13th Doll gives us a glimpse into the filming of the live action, or FMV, sequences. Including an awesome look at the return of Robert Hirschboeck as the quite mad and evil Henry Stauf himself. While the filming is finished the game is far from being ready to be released. “Although filming is finished, there’s still a long road ahead of us! We captured over 600 Gb of footage! We’ll have to sort through a variety of takes, mask out the greenscreen, then add in FX and composite the scenes into the game. This is likely hundreds of hours of work.” Due to work on the game itself and cleaning up the film there’s no set date yet but it’s still cool to hear that work is being done.

The 13th DollWith that said, The 13th Doll sounds like it’s right on track as far as I know. And I do look forward on hearing more from them in the future. As I said, I regret not backing this one but at least their “slacker backer” program is still open so if  I have a change of heart I can still get in on the action before the game ships.

The 13th Doll

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